About the Vineyards
A beautiful hidden gem, The Vineyard at Florence cultivates 32 acres of lush vineyards with plantings of 4 varieties, including Blanc du Bois, Norton, Lenoir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyards can easily be admired while enjoying a glass of wine in the courtyard or a meal on the cafe terrace. Guests are welcome to take a stroll through the vines and enjoy their beauty. 'Great wine starts in a Great Vineyard."

About the Winery
From the vines the grapes are harvested, crushed and fermented before being bottled, all in the on-site Winery. All the wines are made from grapes grown solely on the property. The barn, once with its dirt floor now the includes a beautiful barrel room and event space. Bookings are essential for the daily 2pm to 3pm tour of The Winery. These tours discuss the wine making process, a visit to the barrel room and are free to hotel guests. Bi-monthly consumer and certification wine classes are also held in The Winery and class listings can be found on our calendar page.