Our Wines

Wines made at The Vineyard at Florence are made from grapes grown in our 32-acre vineyard. Four varieties are grown: Blanc du Bois, Cabernet Sauvignon, Lenoir and Norton. Every vine is hand- pruned and harvested and was selected based on the vineyard's specific soil and aspect.

All our wines are a unique blend of multiple small batches, each open-air fermented with different yeasts. These same-variety batches are often recombined post-fermentation, resulting in wines exhibiting complex characteristics. Like most processes here, the winemaking activities are all completed by hand, allowing for greater individualized care of the wines as well as ample color and flavor extraction. Many wines are aged in French oak that averages 12- 36 months, and the use of these barrels varies based on the desired style produced.

With its 4 varieties, The Vineyard at Florence produces a total of 16 wines. These wines can be sampled at any time during regular business hours.